• Creating many happy repeat customers... We've drilled hundreds of wells over the years and have established a reputation for our excellent customer service and affordable quality wells. Our low overhead enables us to pass that savings onto our customers.

Larsgard Water Well Drilling and Cable Tool Drilling

Larsgard Water Well DrillingWith our traditional, compact, light weight, cable tool drilling rigs we specialize in water well drilling for households and farms. We drill slowly and carefully, the cable tool producing a “surge affect” on the aquifers, loosening them up and maximizing water production.

About Us and Our Water Well Service

We are a traditional, family run, water well service drilling business. The water well drilling way of life has been in the family since 1964. We use the traditional cable tool rigs which drill slowly and carefully, finding even the tiniest aquifers. We take pride in our heritage and history of excellence.

Yes, we are a little old fashioned but time after time we have shown our old fashioned rigs are still the best way to find water.

We take pride in our workmanship, honesty and integrity. We give the best we can. You can count on us for a job well done.

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